Gas or Electricity

Gas vs electricityThis is actually one of the most difficult decisions to make. Many people have gotten it right in choosing the one to use between gas and electricity as the source of energy in their homes.  Now, when you are buying a new home, when you are building a house or when you are planning house removals Colchester, you will have this choice to make. This is the choice of the energy source for your home. The two major options to choose from in the developed world of today are gas and electricity. So, you have to study and understand the pros and cons of gas and electricity as the source of energy in your home and know how to choose between the two. Gas has been there for a very long time as many nations used it in lighting their streets since the eighteenth century. But electricity as an energy system arrived in the nineteenth century, and since then it has taken prominence in energy production for man. However, the major area where the two compete is in the area of cooking and not necessarily for lighting.

Gas vs Electric Cookers

The gas system of cooking energy took over from the coal system and burning stoves during the beginning of the 20th century in people’s homes. This was greeted with a popular phrase that says "now, you’ll be cooking with gas". However, as innovation continued, the middle of the twentieth century saw the arrival of a new set of electricity stoves and ovens, and this took over from gas again. However, in the recent past, there are many super efficient safe electric induction cook tops and they have also given the gas system a run for its money. But because of some reasons, most people prefer to stick with gas. The question now is, “which is best for you”?

Now, if you are cooking in a situation where the urgency is so much, you may be better off with gas. This is because of the response time. The time it takes gas to come up with its flames, and the time it takes for it to heat up whatever you are cooking is lesser than whatever you can enjoy with the electricity stoves. This is because the electric stoves burn with no flames. They are just heaters and not burners, because they are flameless, and it takes a lot of time before they will produce the heat needed for the food to cook.

Another thing to consider is the fact that gas has lots of limitations. Now, electricity as a source of energy can be used to power every household appliance you can think of. But gas is limited to only three things and they are to boil water, cook and heat up rooms.

When you want to choose the one to use among these, you have to consider the availability. Of course, you can only use the one that is available where you live. Almost every home will have access to electricity, but gas is limited in most cases to cities and towns. Regional areas are mostly suffering from lack of piped and main gas lines. If you want to use gas in the rural area, especially for cooking, then you have to go for the bottled gas system. Again in the cities, when you have gas around you, it may not be plumbed into your house. Even when you have it, you may not have the access you need.

Safest Energy Source

Another thing to consider is safety. It is obvious that the two are very hazardous, but one is better than the other. Because of the flames that gas brings out when you cook with it, there is more possibility of fire outbreaks in homes due to gas misuse than that of electricity. Again, those who use bottled gas are in more risks because when there is any leak from the bottle, the whole environment will be in a very big risk of fire outbreak.

You also have to consider the environment. It is a complex argument as to which one is better to the environment. This is actually because the rating is given according to their point of use and not in consideration of their production, refining and distribution effects on the environment. So this is a very close call. But in actual sense, electricity is declared greener than gas in most cases.

The upfront running cost is another thing to consider. Electricity is more available and ready to run than gas, which may even be there but not connected. So, check your connection options for each and know the one that is cheaper for you.

The affordability is dependent on what actually you are running in your home. The entire thing will depend on the lifestyle you choose to live and the number of things you power with the source. However, gas is seen as cheaper than electricity on a general scale. Your house removals Chelmsford  is the ideal moment to check if you can find cheaper gas or electricity supplier.